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Congratulations Koby Altman

Congratulations Koby Altman (sarcastic clapping). What a great trade you pulled off there. To be thrust into a situation like that must be unnerving, but you held to your resolve. Bravo my good man. There’s just one catch; you didn’t bother to check if your new point guard was able to even run yet, much less participate in offseason basketball activities. This may make it difficult come regular season, when the centerpiece of the blockbuster deal you made happen in late August is sitting on the sideline rooting on his new team in a suit and tie.

This is less an article or analysis as much as it is a rant on the ineptitude of the Cavaliers’ front office. One may be able to tell when the rant gets passionate by noticing the amount of capital letters used. Let us begin.

OH. MY. LORD. Oh my lord. This is a blasphemous deal indeed. Sure, Jae Crowder is a reliable swiss army knife and that Brooklyn pick looks mighty fine (as does that European kid). But what about the belle of the ball? Isaiah Thomas. It appears that Thomas at his current state is unable to move in any fashion other than a leisurely stroll, one more suited for the park than the basketball court. This is due to the unfortunate hip injury that he sustained while facing his new team in the conference finals last year. But did the Cavs bother to examine Thomas before including him in a trade for their tremendous (albeit disgruntled) point guard Kyrie Irving? OF COURSE NOT. THAT WOULD BE TOO SMART. Rather, they took the deal and ran, despite many pointing out the obvious fact that they just dealt their second best player to their biggest [in conference] rival and in return got a point guard whose injury status was unknown.

This is not to say that the Celtics did not “sugarcoat” Thomas’s injury. We have seen it before in sports, and most of the time it does not turn out great for the team that purveyed the lies (see the Padres-Marlins deal of last year). But for the Cavaliers to just take it at face value rather than examine Thomas on their own is LUDICROUS. Now, the Cavs are whining about Thomas’s injury and threatening to re-work/terminate the deal. I feel no sympathy for the Cavs as they knew what they were getting (and if they didn’t, then maybe they should’ve done a little more research).

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