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The San Francisco 49ers (specifically their offense)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a patient child. I try my best at all times to “Keep calm and ___.” I also try to not show favoritism, writing about larger trends rather than my own local teams. But when I watch the 49ers attempt to scrap together a drive, I lose my freakin mind. The ineptitude of one Brian Hoyer is such that I feel like curling into a ball in my room and never watching football again, for I know the next time will be the last (because my head would physically explode).

I also try to make these articles less personal by providing analysis instead of including myself and my family in my spiels. But I must now include my father, a man who is decidedly less patient than I, but a reasonable man nonetheless. He shares my sentiments on the current state of the offense, normally fermenting into such a state when witnessing their shortcomings that even the beloved family dog cannot settle him.

WHY? we both ask. WHY? WHY THROW THE BALL 3 YARDS ON 3RD AND 10? WHY RUN THE BALL SUCCESSFULLY TWO TIMES THEN TRY A CRAZY PASS PLAY? WHY ABORT ALL COMMON SENSE AND DIRECT THE FOOTBALL RIGHT AT A DEFENDER? These are questions that we will most likely never get the answer to. Hoyer was brought into Niners camp being told he was “the man” and this was “his team”. After all, he did have a somewhat resurgent season last year with the Bears before getting injured. He was viewed as a dependable veteran quarterback who, most importantly, knew Kyle Shanahan’s offense. The 49ers weren’t predicted to have a very good season, but they were at least seen as a team that would almost certainly improve on what was a dismal product last year.

Now, I’m not so sure. Carlos Hyde has looked great so far, but has been used so infrequently that he will most likely struggle to find consistency this year. The offensive line is, as usual, one big revolving door, and the receivers appear to be a nice bunch (or are they?). But when a team is led by a quarterback who is incompetent on so many levels, their chances of success are slim to none. Matt Barkley was cut in the preseason because, ‘Hey, we have a reliable starter and a rookie backup who is learning his way in the League. We should be good.’ Well, I hope that rookie has finished learning. He may become “the man” very soon.

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