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I am writing this post as Game 5 roars upstairs, forced to leave after Carlos Correa hit the 20th home run of the game. It disgusted me more than any other home run has, or ever will (given the magnanimity of the stage on which it occurred). Why am I so disgusted? Because of one simple truth; THE BALLS ARE JUICED.

You heard me right (or should I say read). No, I was not a believer of this fact months ago when it first came up in baseball discussions. I simply wrote it off as launch angle (as did the analysts). Now, we sit here in the World Series, and though the announcers have maintained their position (lest they be "silenced" by their producers or companies), I have made the proverbial full 180.

You cannot tell me that these pitchers are this bad. Brandon Morrow came in, and within five pitches he had allowed a home run, then a single, then a called strike, then a double, then a wild pitch (oh and he let up a home run to the next batter). Now, maybe they are really this bad. If that's the case, they should not be pitching in the World Series (or even the Majors in general).

Flashback to last year, when the Cubs squared off against the Indians. That Series featured two teams that boasted stellar pitching staffs, and their dominance was exuded throughout play. That was real baseball. That was fun to watch, the perfect balance of offense, defense, and masterpieces that all baseball fans have grown accustomed to watching. This more closely resembles wife ball. Everyone's jacking up and crushing balls, and the pitchers are only in long enough to have a sore neck from turning their heads so often. Sure, mismanagement is also a part of it. The aforementioned Morrow was pitching for the third game in a row, the first time he had ever done so in his 11 year career. Mind you he was doing so in the World Series. Maybe this is why Dave Roberts has never managed before...

Anyways, the balls are juiced, the home runs aren't stopping, Clayton Kershaw continues to suck in the playoffs, and I have absolutely no idea who the heck is going to win this Series. As an A's fan, all I can say is I hope it's not the Astros (or the Dodgers).

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