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Some Notes on the NFL's Divisional Round

Hello loyal viewers, I once again return from one of my now infamous multi-week hiatuses. Since the timing seems appropriate, I will be jotting down some notes on the Divisional Round of the 2018 NFL Playoffs. Let’s go game-by-game, shall we?

Eagles vs. Falcons

I, like everybody else, was assured of victory for Matty Ice and the Falco’s. Though many pointed to the Nick Foles aspect of the Eagles’ offense, I staked my claim on the solid grounds of the Falcons having won the (first half of) the Super Bowl last year. Bringing back a very similar roster ensured very similar results, right? Oh, but the football gods would not have it that way. They rendered Ryan and his band of brothers inept at the hands of Fletcher Cox and the mighty Eagles’ D. And hey, Foles didn’t play too bad. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that one season where he posted the third best QBR in NFL history (nevermind that it was only 10 games or that it was four years ago). Now, the Eagles are set to host the Vikings, who are a whole nother story…

Patriots vs. Titans

Not much to say here. This one actually went according to plan, though doesn’t everything Patriots? I mean hey, good for Marcus Mariota to lead his team to the playoffs as a young, high draft pick. Who cares that he threw more INTs than TDs this season or that the Titans actually had the same record as last year? This is definitely a year for Mike Mularkey and the young Titans to build off of, especially in a division that will get real crowded next year with the returns of Deshaun Watson and Andrew Luck (well maybe not Luck. I have a bad feeling about that kid.) As for the Patriots….I hope Brady is on the grass more than he’s standing next game against the Jags. Maybe then will another AFC team have a chance to topple the Almighty Empire.

Steelers vs. Jaguars

Oh boy. I think Mike Tomlin may be on the hot seat. I know the players love him and he’s been very successful (compared to most coaches) over the past few years, but look at the facts. He has failed to take a stacked roster to the Super Bowl, he made numerous head-scratching play calls that cost the team, and he LOST TO THE JAGUARS IN THE PLAYOFFS. Who the heck does that? Apparently two teams now that the Jags have toppled Big Ben and those other guys. I always love a good underdog story, and Jacksonville certainly had a great run this year, making it all the way to the AFC Championship game where they realized they were in over their heads and Blake Bortles flopped and Tom Brady sliced apart that revered D. Think I’m exaggerating? It’s Patriots vs. Jags, a matchup that any other year this millenium would’ve made you laugh (or cry). I love those wacky jerseys, but even they can’t stop the inevitable.

Vikings vs. Saints

Well all the notes I prepared are now useless after one Stefon Diggs strutted 61 yards like a freakin’ boss (just kidding. I didn’t take notes.) Momentum is cumulative, and the Vikings have so darn much of it right now that it’s hard to see them losing next game. Again, I’m not rooting against the Eagles, I’m rooting for their opponent. I will say one more thing however; I’d be shocked if Case Keenum proved himself to be a Super Bowl quarterback. Not saying they won’t get there, just that it might not be his doing.

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