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The Nick Foles Question

Due to popular request (by which I mean my father) the first few lines of this article have been redacted. I hope your reading experience can remain pleasant.

This week I take a look at a dilemma I could have examined many moons ago. The real question (for me) behind the Super Bowl is; What do the Eagles do with Nick Foles?

Before Foles took the starting role, the Eagles were 11-2. Since then, they are 4-1, with two of those victories coming in playoff games. There really has been no drop off in their team performance with Foles at the helm, as evidence by the fact that they are representing the NFC at this year’s Super Bowl. So, what has there not been to like about Foles (besides that horrifically ugly Week 17 game against the Cowboys)? Well, nothing really. And that’s kinda the problem.

What happens if Foles and the Eagles manage to dismantle The Empire? What happens even if they lose, but Foles goes down as one of the craziest single season stories (again)? The dude is obviously talented, but he’s no Carson Wentz. I think we can all agree the Eagles got to this point because of outstanding team play.

He is under contract next year, and due to a back loaded contract he’s set to make $7 million (which seems a little high for a backup but reasonable for a pretty reliable starter)... I mean, it’s hard to take a guy who led you to the Super Bowl and say “Yeah, thanks for that, back to the bench you go now.” But to trade him away would seem a blasphemous injustice that surely wouldn’t go over well with some people.

I don’t know, I’m just musing here. If I’m being serious, Foles has to be traded this offseason. No matter the outcome of the Super Bowl, Wentz is your quarterback (and MVP?) of the future, and you have to go with him. You give Foles a big thanks for keeping the season alive and a warm send-off, then you plan your return to the playoffs for next year. What would Foles fetch in a trade with a quarterback-needy team? Most likely just some number of draft picks (whether that be 1 or 2 or whatever) that fall in the fourth-fifth rounds. It’s not much, but good managing could turn them into something, all because your backup led you to the Super Bowl.

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