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Da Browns? and three other offseason thoughts

Are the Browns the next 49ers, a team who has a season so bad that the next one (with the help of some fresh faces) can’t possibly be worse? I wasn’t convinced after their trade for Jarvis Landry, for what use is a wide receiver with no one to get him the ball? However, with the ensuing trade for Tyrod Taylor, this team has GUARANTEED themselves at least 2 wins next year.

Now it may not sound like a lot, unless you’re a Browns fan, in which case it means the world to you. Their firing of GM Sashi Brown and hiring of John Dorsey was not very well received, but Dorsey is out to prove himself after saying last year that Sashi Brown “didn’t get real players.” The additions of Taylor, Landry, DB Damarious Randall and even more picks suddenly have the Browns in their best shape since, well, since ever (I kid, I kid. They did win 12 games back in 1947).

But the Browns are merely a side note, because who really cares about the Browns? Best case scenario, they win a few games next year and aren’t the worst team in football. I am more intrigued by the impending start of the League next Wednesday (a.k.a the date when the new Legion of Boom moves to L.A). With that in mind, here are some things I thought of regarding America’s quickest-dying pastime (other than perhaps rock and roll).

1. The Browns have their quarterback, but do the Bills?

Surely the Bills aren’t content to open the season with a quarterback whose draft round also correlates to the number of interceptions he threw in his debut. Much speculation has been made about the Bills possibly using their newly-acquired third round pick (among other things) to trade up for a top pick in this year’s Draft so as to nab one of the top QB’s. It is an interesting but not unpredictable move for a franchise that seemingly could never achieve Nirvana with their former signal caller, but it certainly does leave the position in question.

2. The New Legion of Boom

Yes, the old Legion of Boom has been all but dismantled in Seattle, a fact I wake up smiling to every morning. But unfortunately for NFC West fans such as myself, there seems to be a newer version taking shape in Los Angeles. The Rams have now franchise-tagged safety Lamarcus Joyner and traded for DB’s Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, all of whom are impact players in the secondary. With a defensive line that features the best interior lineman in the game in Aaron Donald and one of the game’s smartest defensive minds in Wade Phillips, the Rams are poised to hold one of the League’s best D’s this upcoming season.

3. Shaquem Griffin

This man is amazing. For those of you who don’t know Griffin, he had his left hand amputated at the age of four. Nevertheless, he continued to play football and starred at University of Central Florida where he gained national recognition not just for his lack of digits but also his outstanding play. He got invited to the Combine a little later than everyone else and he made sure that was a good decision, running a 4.38 40 (fastest LB time since 2006) and putting up 20 reps on the bench press with the help of his specialized prosthetic hand. Griffin is an absolute beast and I hope he finds all the success in the world in the NFL (unless he plays for the Patriots…)

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