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A Financial Offseason lookout for each NBA team

I wanted to do a short article today, but I just can’t. With the official start to the moratorium period in NBA free agency set to arrive at 12:00 AM ET tomorrow, I just have to write an article on free agency, and since I already highlighted the big names and their prospects I figure we go vanilla and simply outline each team’s situation (projected cap space, needs, wants, whatever). Since this information is, for some reason, rather hard to find, I will simply be giving each team’s cap space as it stands right now (meaning I will subtract their current 2018-2019 payroll from the projected cap, which is believed to be about $101 million). For example: if the Lakers only have $34 million on their books for 2018-2019, then I would write that they have $67 million in cap space. I hope that clears things up. Again I’m going to try to keep it relatively short by poo-pooing the teams with no money to spend but...just look at my past posts.

Oh and I’ll be going in alphabetical order so as to bring a sense of order to this otherwise crazy platform (though my idea of alphabetical most likely deviates from yours). Also all numbers will be rounded to the closest million. ALSO when I say “targets,” I am strictly speaking of players the team has been linked to, not players I think they should pursue. Thank you.

Milwaukee Bucks (alphabetical by team NAME, not city)

Cap space: -$6 million

Needs: Doesn’t matter because you have no money

Chicago Bulls

Cap space: $41 million

Needs: SG (could just resign Zach Lavine...), Bench

Targets: I’ve heard Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker…

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cap space: -$5 million (how is that possible even without LeBron?)

Needs: no money

Boston Celtics

Cap space: -$6 million

Needs: tough luck

Los Angeles Clippers

Cap space: $14 million

Needs: SF (in-house option of Tobias Harris), PF

Targets: kinda LeBron, resigning Harris

Memphis Grizzlies

Cap space: -$2 million

Needs: more money (or less?....)

Atlanta Hawks

Cap space: $28 million

Needs: any sort of playmakers really, some sort of non-G League bench

Targets: reports are Atlanta is content with themselves right now. That’s bravery folks.

Miami Heat

Cap space: -$43 million (for a team that can barely make the Playoffs?)

Needs: better allocation of funds (I’m looking at you, Hassan Whiteside)

Charlotte Hornets

Cap space: -$10 million

Needs: Better everything (trading Dwight Howard was a good start)

Utah Jazz

Cap space: $16 million

Needs: forwards (Derrick Favors?), backup PG

Targets: let’s be realistic here. No one is ever gonna sign with Utah.

Sacramento Kings

Cap space: $28 million

Needs: C, SF, Bench

Targets: Boogie?! (NO)...I mean Vlade Divac did declare them a superteam so….

New York Knicks

Cap space: surprisingly $6 million

Needs: get rid of Emmanuel Mudiay, Bench, SG

Targets: LEBRON

Los Angeles Lakers

Cap space: $67 million

Needs: Wings, another Ball brother

Targets: LeBron James, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard...I’d still like to see them re-sign Julius Randle but I guess he’s moving on to bigger and better things…

Orlando Magic

Cap space: $20 million



Dallas Mavericks

Cap space: $41 million

Needs: C, wings, same type of bench at Atlanta

Targets: DeAndre Jordan, maybe Kent Bazemore??, DeMarcus Cousins

Brooklyn Nets

Cap space: surprisingly $9 million

Needs: draft picks honestly (oh and wings)

Targets: Jabari Parker

Denver Nuggets

Cap space: -$5 million

Needs: a mascot with a pickaxe (if that’s legal)

Indiana Pacers

Cap space: $26 million

Needs: wing help, more experienced bench

Targets: Jabari Parker, Paul George (just kidding), Marcus Smart

New Orleans Pelicans

Cap space: $4 million

Needs: wings, talent on the bench, C

Targets: Boogie, Tyreke Evans

Detroit Pistons

Cap space: -$11 million

Needs: nothing. They finally fired Van Gundy so I fully expect them to hoist the Eastern Conference crown in 2019. I am actually overjoyed. Van Gundys ruin basketball.

Toronto Raptors

Cap space:-$25 million

Needs: A less-lame replacement at head coach

Houston Rockets

Cap space: $22 million

Needs: a healthy Chris Paul, resigning Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza (I am well aware Paul is also a free agent)

Targets: LeBron James

San Antonio Spurs

Cap space: $13 million

Needs: a huge return for Kawhi Leonard, backcourt help and wings, maybe a new logo? (not saying the current one is bad, but it’s been the same for quite some time now)

Targets: Jabari Parker, Jeff Green

Phoenix Suns

Cap space: $23 million

Needs: same type of bench at Atlanta and Dallas

Targets: Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker

Oklahoma City Thunder

Cap space: $20 million

Needs: find a way to resign Paul George and get Carmelo Anthony to leave, PF

Targets: Paul George, Tyreke Evans (as a backup plan), Aaron Gordon

Minnesota Timberwolves

Cap space: $13 million

Needs: bench help

Targets: ¿?

Golden State Warriors

Cap space: -$3 million

Needs: none

Targets: for some reason they’re going to dip their toes in the DeAndre Jordan pool

Washington Wizards

Cap space: -$21 million

Needs: wing, C

Targets: Boogie, Nerlens Noel, DeAndre Jordan, Jabari Parker

Philadelphia 76ers

Cap space: $55 million

Needs: veteran bench, SG

Targets: LeBron James, resigning JJ Reddick (though they most likely won’t have the funds)

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