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Drama in the NBA

A new format of post here, let’s look at all the dramatic team storylines from around the NBA and grade them on a 1 (no worries) to 5 (press the red button) scale.

Washington Wizards: 5-10, 11th in Eastern Conference

Roster mismanagement has finally caught up with the Wizards and it’s getting ugly. Marcin Gortat for Austin Rivers was a bad trade on paper and it has looked even worse on the court, where Doc’s son continues to bobble around while Marcin is marchin’ in L.A. John Wall has never been a true leader and Bradley Beal’s just there to shoot, but with things going south quickly the Wizards desperately need a foreman (to head the rebuild).

Rating: 5

Boston Celtics: 9-6, 4th in Eastern Conference

They had a great home win over the Raptors last night, but the Celtics have looked a little rough to start off the season. We all expected them to cruise atop the East, but multiple teams have outplayed them so far. Gordon Hayward and the rest of the returnees from last year’s team will have to gel if Boston wants to climb back to and stay at the top of this conference, and there are a lot of games left.

Rating: 1

Cleveland Cavaliers: 2-12, 15th in Eastern Conference

We all knew Cleveland would drop off after the (second) departure of LeBron, but things have been hard to watch in The Land. A respectable roster has been decimated by injuries to almost every player, and the vets aren’t fans of the youth movement (see J.R Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kyle Korver). Looking just at currently active players, this might be the worst roster in the NBA.

Rating: 3

Utah Jazz: 7-8, 12th in Western Conference

After putting together quite the Cinderella story last year, the Jazz looked like legit contenders this season with newly-minted superstar Donovan Mitchell. However, the defense hasn’t been quite as dominant and the offense has looked downright awful at times with Mitchell taking over (but not in a good way). They have all the same players from a year ago, it’ll just be about getting back on track in a packed-as-usual Western Conference.

Rating: 2

Houston Rockets: 7-7, 11th in Western Conference

This situation just got a lot better with the impending dismissal of Carmelo Anthony. I have long been outspoken about my labeling of Anthony as a team-killer, and he was well on his way to succeeding yet again. Now with him gone, the Rockets should rise in the standings, though their deficiencies on the wings will hold them back from dominating as they did last year.

Rating: 2

Golden State Warriors: 12-4, 1st in Western Conference

I know they’re in first, but I’d be remiss if I glossed over the recent transpirings in Oakland. Draymond Green seems to have called out Kevin Durant, especially regarding KD’s impending free agency, and the two don’t seem to have come to a ceasefire yet. With leader Steph Curry out at least another five games, the two hot heads will have to patch things up and play like superstars (as usual). Don’t forget they’re still the best team in the NBA.

Rating: 2

*the Minnesota Timberwolves seem to have solved their situation, or at least the dramatic side of it

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