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Winners and Losers from the NFL Draft

Barring another Tom Brady, we can safely say the important part of the NFL Draft is all but over with the fifth round wrapping up. That being said, let’s take a look at which teams were the most (and least) successful in Nashville.


Denver Broncos: Talk about filling all your needs. The Broncos were quick to address their deficiencies, taking Noah Fant in the first round to give them an immediate upgrade with a pass-catching tight end. They were even luckier when Dalton Risner, one of their top prospects, fell to the second round. Denver sorely needs offensive line help, and Risner is an instant starter. Their best pick, though, may have come in the third round when they were able to snag Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. Projected as one of, if not the, top quarterback in the draft, Lock looks like the perfect successor to Joe Flacco as Denver continues to search for its franchise QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars: They re-established Sacksonville by grabbing Josh Allen, one of the top edge rushers, at number seven, and they were counting their blessings after Jawaan Taylor fell to them in the second round. Projected to be a first round pick, Taylor can immediately start for the Jags and upgrade their O-line. They were also able to get Josh Oliver, a pass-catching tight end that can fill a huge void for their offense.

Indianapolis Colts: After trading back with the Jets last year (who went on to take Sam Darnold at No. 3), the Colts put themselves in great drafting position and took advantage of it this year. They got one of the Draft’s best corners in Rock Ya-Sin, and WR Parris Campbell out of Ohio State looks like the perfect pairing for T.Y. Hilton. Ben Bangou can instantly help Indy’s pass rush, and with a horde of picks the Colts definitely improved their depth and overall talent.

Washington Redskins: Getting Dwayne Haskins all the way at number 15? Check. Grabbing Montez Sweat at the end of the first round? Check. Getting Bryce Love all the way back in the fourth round? Check. The Redskins did a great job of capitalizing on guys being passed up, and with Haskins and Love they get the two guys who may form their QB-RB duo for years to come. Sweat is an uber athletic edge rusher who fills a big need for the Skins, and they were able to add some depth to their oft-injured offensive line. However, they didn't do much to improve their dreadful receiving corps, so look for them to possibly address that after the Draft.

Buffalo Bills: They managed to get Ed Oliver at number nine, which is a huge steal considering he has been touted as the next Aaron Donald. Cody Ford in the second round provides an instant starter at guard, and Devin Singletary brings an umph to the backfield.


Oakland Raiders: Oh boy. Looks like sending all the scouts home wasn't such a good idea after all...I guess Mayock thinks he’s smarter than everyone? There has to be some reasoning behind his draft picks...I hope. They certainly like Clemson, and who knows, these picks may prove us wrong someday….but I doubt it.

Arizona Cardinals: Sure, they got their guy in Kyler Murray with the number one overall pick, but is his really worth it. He is certainly a special talent, but the best in the Draft? Probably not. In fact, they likely could have traded back a few spots and still gotten him, as well as a boatload of new picks. The Josh Rosen trade was kind of a bungle, as they are still on the hook for 70 percent of his contract and were looking for a first round pick in return (they got a second rounder instead). I do actually like their second round picks, but their overall overpaying and underselling undermines their Draft.

New York Giants: When you realize that you are the next Browns...yikes, this Draft did nothing to assuage Giants fans’ fears that the franchise is imploding. It goes without saying that the drafting of Daniel Jones at number six overall has HUGE bust potential, and their recent trades that have devolved the roster will not help the young QB.

The Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs are honorable mentions in the loser category, as they both received troubling news regarding their respective top wide receivers over Draft Weekend. Doug Baldwin may never play again due to an overwhelming number of injuries, and Tyreek Hill is getting closer and closer to being suspended after audio surfaced of him verbally berating his fiance while discussing how their three year-old son broke his arm. Not a good time for Chiefs players...

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